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Join us every Thursday on Facebook as we discuss the article published on our blog the same day. Our live video is authentic, unfiltered discussion on the topic of the day.

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Thrive Meditation

Our weekly meditation is right at lunch time to help you refuel, re-focus, and re-engage your week. Join us every Wednesday at 12-12:45.

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Startup Week MKE | November

Join us for a conversation about establishing and living a corporate culture that supports personal responsibility, confidence, collaboration, self-awareness, and success. You hired great people. Now make sure that your organization brings out the best in them.

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HPT | Winter Session

HPT (Human Progress Training) is ten weeks of thought-provoking conversations, ideas, and application that set up shop in your DNA and allow you to understand yourself better, make the life upgrades you’re desiring and be more you.

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HIT | Winter Session

HIT (Human Influencer Training) is 14-weeks of next-level, thought-provoking conversations that upgrade your leadership ability, your growth trajectory, your relationships, and your influential way of being you.  We’re talking teachable, learnable, practicable skills that build elite level confidence, communication, and influence.

And as you upgrade, we’ll teach you how to help others do it, too.

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