Make Life Better

Human Progress Training

Become aware of the “programs” (thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns of response, etc.) that run your Human-Internal Operating System (H-IOS) and your ability to powerfully establish new programs that causes positive change.

Attend in person or through online live video.

Tuesdays June 20th – August 29th
5:15-6:45 pm
Cost: $495 for one person

Quiet Your Thoughts and Amplify Your Wisdom

Lunch Hour Refuel

Meditation, Coaching, Connection.

Take a break in the middle of your day/week for 45 minutes of YOU time.  We begin with introductions and intention setting, then spend 15-20 minutes in guided meditation (no meditation experience necessary). Complete this time by setting your next steps to putting peace and clarity to good use as you continue your journey.  

Every Wednesday
12:00-12:45 pm