What we do

Great team leaders know that sport is bigger than x’s and o’s. Motivation, emotion, confidence, momentum, grit, and character play a tremendous role in collecting wins. That’s where Thrive comes in.  Whether your organization needs consistent core values, character development, or stronger leadership, we’ve got you.

We develop personalized strategies that elevate performance in sport. As people experts, Thrive believes in the value of every individual. There is no secret playbook; no perfect game plan. Authentic power lies NOT in being told what to do but by co-creating a culture where everyone contributes. This inside out approach allows powerful humans to create healthier, more successful programs, teams, and communities.

Our Mission

To disrupt the world with love and personal responsibility making life better for ourselves and others.

Drew Windler and Shane Reid

What Happens

New Ways to Influence and Inspire Through Skilled Communication and Authentic Confidence

Powerful Program and Team Culture Shifts

An Understanding of Innate Motivation and Performance

Maximizing Execution Through Individual Self-awareness and Personal Responsibility

Navigating Outside Influences

Real Life Skills That Go Beyond Sports

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