"HPT, thank you, you gave me my life back!" - Carol K. "I got more out of this program than I did from hundreds of self-help books." - Tyler B. "DO IT! If you want to do or be better at something this will show you the tools." - Carl S. “I experienced great personal growth that is helpful both personally and at work.” - Carolyn G. "I find the spirit of this group so uplifting." - Shannon R.

Do you sometimes wish life came with a guidebook? You’ve searched for answers, but haven’t quite found what you’re looking for. Why?

Because the answers lie within you.

It is not another book (TedTalk, Pinterest quote, Podcast, or blog post) you need, but a Master Class! A class that creates really good conversation. You know, the kind that sticks with you and changes how you experience life. 

Welcome to Human Progress Training.

HPT is ten weeks of thought-provoking conversations, ideas, and application that set up shop in your DNA and allow you to understand yourself better, make the life upgrades you desire and be more you. We’ll investigate Human Progress Skills™ and use them to update your H-IOS™ – (Human Internal Operating System™) – which is made up of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, desires, and IT (Inner Truth). We work with people who are ready to level up.

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Program Dates:

January 22nd – March 26th


Do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to see things differently?

Are you ready to show up?

Are you ready to own your life?

Human Internal Operating System Upgrades

Fulfilling Relationships Constructive Ways to Address and Utilize Emotions Increased Trust in Self, Others, and Life Greater Confidence Upgraded and Authentic Communication Skills Empowering Shifts in Perspective Healthy Boundary Setting A New Way to Influence and Inspire Living with Desire Driven Intention Creating New Realities

Human Progress Skills

  • Self-Awareness

  • Confidence

  • Emotional aptitude

  • Communication skills

  • Innovative clarity

  • Calculated action

  • Conscious navigation

Human Internal Operating System (H-IOS™)