You loved Human Progress Training (HPT). Great, so do we! HPT gave you the understanding of your authentic self and a new way to navigate life.

We know you can’t go back to old school leadership training. Your parachute color, personality type, and stereotyped acronym have been filed away with the dusty stack of “been there, done that” training manuals.

You need real skills. We’ve got you! 

You need next-level, thought-provoking conversations that upgrade your leadership ability, your growth trajectory, your relationships, and your influential way of being you. We’re not talking a one-size-fits-all sit and get, pep rally or guru experience. We’re talking personalized, perspective shifting discussions that will change the way you navigate your daily life, your career, your family and yourself. We’re talking teachable, learnable, practicable skills that build elite level confidence, communication, and influence.

You’re ready. It’s time. Cutting edge businesses want their employees to demonstrate self-awareness, personal responsibility, and highly effective communication skills. Managers are expected to coach their teams to accelerate motivation, collaboration, and innovation. You know you want it. And, when they ask you how you got that “it” factor, you can tell ‘em HIT did it.

Human Influencer Skills

  • Presence

  • Exploration

  • Growth

  • Intuition

  • Relationships

  • Teams

  • Momentum

Graduates Use Their Skillset to:

Boldy Impact Their Organization Manage/Coach Others with Confidence, Intuition, and Inspiration Add Valuable, Marketplace Tools to Their Professional Skill Set Build the Business They Envision Enhance Their Own Lives and the Lives of Others Become a Professional Coach

Classes Will Explore

  • Understanding Yourself (personal motivations & responsibilities)
  • Coaching 1-1
  • Coaching Teams
  • Amplifying Passion, Motivation, Progress and Success in Yourself and Others
  • Creating from Chaos
  • Building Collective Leadership (collaboration, personal responsibility, group flow, influence)
  • Creating and Evolving Company Culture (even if you’re not the “boss”)
  • Utilizing Self-Awareness and Influence

How to Get Started

Master yourself. Then master your influence.

Thrive HIT Graduates are conversation starters. They are question askers. They are personal responsibility experts. They stimulate conversations to help people figure themselves out and make life better.

Sign Up & Future Dates

Program Dates:

Winter 2018: January 24th – May 2nd

5:30 – 8:00 pm

Registration NOW OPEN

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