Judy Dejno

“Live life, don’t just survive it.”

Meet Judy

Lori Kuhn

“Business is an extension of the individual.”

Meet Lori

Jill Baake

“We are not supposed to figure it all out, there’s no such thing, and that’s okay.”

Meet Jill

Emily Watson

“Think of yourself as someone you love; self-acceptance and self-love are crucial to enjoying the human experience.”

Meet Emily

Shane Reid

“Accept where you are and always love yourself enough to improve.”

Meet Shane

Rachel Bellotti

“Every place and person has magic to offer, allow yourself to see it.”

Meet Rachel

Jenn Fredericks

“Right now, you are enough.”

Meet Jenn

Drew Windler

“Just when you think that you can’t do something or ‘people don’t typically do that,’ people do it.”

Meet Drew

Rachael Dejno

“We go through life constantly looking for the next thing, always wanting it to be better, but we forget to acknowledge our progress.”

Meet Rachael